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Books Set in Alabama

Our journey through the 50 states continues with a stop in Alabama!

Book Club Pick – Alabama

Hunting for Love by Kaci Lane

Hunting for Love by Kaci Lane book cover

What is Hunting for Love about?

I’d do anything to take over my dad’s money management company. Even entertain deer hunters at a cabin in rural Alabama.

Growing up in Atlanta I learned two valuable lessons: how to shop and how to do business. My mom taught me the first. My dad the second. And with his retirement growing closer by the minute, I’m determined to prove my worth as heir to Manderson Money Management.

But Dad keeps testing me, and this time he’s taken it a bit too far. Sending me well off the beaten path to Apple Cart, Alabama. To meet with a couple of men at a hunting lodge and discuss expanding their outdoors store into the southeast.

As if staying in the backwoods with no phone service weren’t enough to push me over the edge, there’s Jack, the owner of the lodge . . .

Let’s just say I didn’t know hillbillies could be smoking hot.

Now, I’m stuck trying to impress two middle-aged, gun-crazed store owners who I desperately want as business partners for our company. Plus, stay calm around one blue-eyed, camouflage-clad lodge owner who I desperately want to kiss.

How will I ever manage to strike a deal with these men I relate to in no way possible? And, even worse, keep my emotions in check around Jack, who I relate to on a much deeper level?

Kaci Lane on Literary Escapes Podcast

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More Sweet Reads Set in Alabama

Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer by Kaci Lane

Queen of my Double-Wide Trailer by Kaci Lane book cover

Genre: Sweet Romance

I need a green light on a green card ASAP.

If not, I’ll forfeit my new job in Alabama and have to move back to Oval Island.

Sure, it has perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and all my family. But it also has my ex—a lawyer, pilot, and the governor’s son, who the whole island is in love with. Well, except for me.

My solution? Propose a marriage of convenience to a friend. And by friend, I mean more of an acquaintance.

Liam may be a little rough around the edges, but he doesn’t think like your average guy with a closet full of camouflage—and that’s a good thing.

He’s American-born and raised, and I need citizenship. Also, his trailer is condemned, and he needs a place to live.

You may not be able to buy love, but it turns out you can buy a temporary husband . . . by buying him a new double-wide.

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert book cover

Genre: Cozy Mystery

The country may be struggling through the Great Depression, but the good ladies of Darling, Alabama, are determined to keep their chins up and their town beautiful. Their garden club, the Darling Dahlias, has just inherited a new clubhouse and garden, complete with two beautiful cucumber trees in full bloom.

But life in Darling is not all garden parties and rosemary lemonade.

When local blond bombshell Bunny Scott is found in a suspicious car wreck, the Dahlias decide to dig into the town’s buried secrets, and club members Lizzy, Ophelia, and Verna soon find leads sprouting up faster than weeds. The town is all abuzz with news of an escaped convict from the prison farm, rumors of trouble at the bank, and tales of a ghost heard digging around the cucumber tree. If anyone can get to the root of these mysteries, it’s the Darling Dahlias.

Hurricane Season by Lauren Denton

Hurricane Season by Lauren K Denton book cover

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Betsy and Ty Franklin, owners of Franklin Dairy Farm in southern Alabama, have long since buried their desire for children of their own. While Ty manages their herd of dairy cows, Betsy busies herself with the farm’s day-to-day operations and tries to forget her dream of motherhood.

But when her free-spirited sister, Jenna, drops off her two young daughters for “just two weeks,” Betsy’s carefully constructed wall of self-protection begins to crumble. As the two weeks stretch deeper into the Alabama summer, Betsy and Ty learn to navigate the new additions in their world—and revel in the laughter that now fills their home. Meanwhile, record temperatures promise to usher in the most active hurricane season in decades.

Attending an art retreat four hundred miles away, Jenna is fighting her own battles. She finally has time and energy to focus on her photography, a lifelong ambition. But she wonders how her rediscovered passion can fit in with the life she’s made back home as a single mom. But when Hurricane Ingrid aims a steady eye at the Alabama coast, Jenna must make a decision that will change her family’s future, even as Betsy and Ty try to protect their beloved farm . . . and their hearts.

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber book cover

Genre: Sweet Romance

Nestled in the mountain shadows of Alabama lies the little town of Wicklow. It is here that Anna Kate has returned to bury her beloved Granny Zee, owner of the Blackbird Café.

It was supposed to be a quick trip to close the café and settle her grandmother’s estate, but despite her best intentions to avoid forming ties or even getting to know her father’s side of the family, Anna Kate finds herself inexplicably drawn to the quirky Southern town her mother ran away from so many years ago, and the mysterious blackbird pie everybody can’t stop talking about.

As the truth about her past slowly becomes clear, Anna Kate will need to decide if this lone blackbird will finally be able to take her broken wings and fly.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg book cover

Genre: Historical Fiction

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is a now-classic novel about two women: Evelyn, who is in the sad slump of middle age, and gray-headed Mrs. Threadgoode, who is telling her life story. Her tale includes two more women, the irrepressibly daredevilish tomboy Idgie and her friend Ruth who back in the thirties ran a little place in Whistle Stop, Alabama, offering good coffee, southern barbecue, and all kinds of love and laughter, even an occasional murder. And as the past unfolds, the present will never be quite the same again.

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