Episode 94 Exploring Idaho with Author Bonnie Paulson

Ep 94: Exploring Idaho with Author Bonnie Paulson

In our latest episode of Literary Escapes Podcast, author Bonnie Paulson takes us on a journey through the natural beauty and unique experiences of Idaho.

From the winding roads of Lolo National Forest to the bustling small-town charm of Coeur d’Alene, Bonnie shares her personal connection to the state and her literary inspirations.

We delve deep into the heart of romance novels with her, as she shares her love for complex characters and wrestling with darker themes. It’s all about those personal journeys, not just the romance!

Meet Bonnie Paulson

Author Bonnie Paulson

I’m a USA Today Best-Selling Author with so many great stories to tell. My husband and I have six amazing children and we’re living a modern day romance right here in Missouri.

We’re from the wilds of north Idaho and we love dirt biking and cooking and spending time as a family. We can’t wait to share these stories with you.

I write sweet contemporary romances wrapped up with fun twists in everyday situations. Romantic comedies and light contemporary romance with heart. Who doesn’t love an LOL moment with tears?

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In This Episode

We had so much fun chatting with Bonnie and here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Lakes in Idaho
  • Panning for garnets
  • Toll booths
  • Parades and fun in small towns
  • Experiencing fall colors for the first time
  • Her accidental-but-perfect romance series
  • Why she loves romance novels and happily-ever-after endings
  • Bonnie’s various romance series
  • Why she took a writing break and mental health for authors

Books Mentioned in this Episode

Wrong Text, Right Reply

Wrong Text, Right Reply by Bonnie Paulson book cover

Wrong Place, Right Time

Wrong Place, Right Time by Bonnie Paulson book cover

and coming soon… Wrong Address, Right Package

Other Books Mentioned

Connect with the Author

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