Literary Escapes Podcast Episode 114 titled Adventure, Art Theft, and Secret Societies - Inside Connie Mann's New Book, The Crown Conspiracy

Ep 114: Adventure, Art Theft, and Secret Societies: Inside Connie Mann’s New Book, The Crown Conspiracy

She’s a master at spotting a forgery . . . and knowing how to create one. But can she solve a decades-old mystery? Get ready for “The Crown Conspiracy,” an adventure that takes you across Munich, the Alps, and Venice with a blend of stolen paintings, mystery, and even a touch of romance!

In this latest episode, Becki chats with author Connie Mann about her new book, “The Crown Conspiracy.” Connie shares her journey from writing romantic suspense to crafting women-led adventure stories. We dive into her exciting new secret society series, The Speranza Team, set across Venice, Munich, and more. Plus, we discuss the importance of women empowering each other and stepping out of our comfort zones. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation and the magic behind her adventurous tales.

Meet Connie Mann

Author Connie Mann

If you love adventure, exploring exotic new places, and escaping the everyday through an exciting read, you’ve come to the right place. My books take readers on heart-pounding, suspense-filled adventures featuring strong, determined women who fight for what they believe – and for those they love. When those stories take place in exciting locales and include a tempting hero, well, so much the better.

My latest book, The Crown Conspiracy, embodies all of those ideals. Women are the heroes of the story. They’re the ones saving the day and fighting off the bad guys. They’re part of a fictional secret society called Speranza – which means HOPE – and whose spirit has been alive amongst women for centuries.

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Adventure, Art Theft and Secret Societies

In This Episode

We had so much fun chatting with Connie and here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Writing a new genre
  • Making women the heroines of an adventure novel
  • Working as a boat captain
  • Researching art forgery
  • Creating a secret society of women
  • Munich, the Alps, Venice, and castles all play a part in her new book
  • What she’s learned over the past 15 years of writing
  • Writing advice
  • Researching medieval poison

Books Mentioned in this Episode

The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy by Connie Mann book cover

Beyond Risk

Beyond Risk by Connie Mann book cover

Connect with the Author

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Author Interview with Connie Mann

Author Interview with Connie Mann

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