Author Interview with Connie Mann

Ep 66: Author Interview with Connie Mann

It was so much fun to catch up with author Connie Mann today. If you, like me, love romantic suspense books, then you’ll want to check out this episode and then check out Connie’s books.

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Meet Connie Mann

Author Connie Mann

About Connie

Like most of you, Connie wears many hats. Besides being a romantic suspense author, she’s also a USCG-licensed boat captain and an advocate for women and children in developing countries. She’s a wife, mom, traveler, nature lover, believer, and hit-or-miss fisherman. (Hubby says they’re great at fishing, but lousy at catching.)

Connie’s wanted to write books since she penned an epic story about her hamster in the third grade. She’s the kid whose mother took her books away on vacation so she would actually spend time with their family.

Her current Florida-set romantic suspense series, Florida Wildlife Warriors, centers around the Tanners—a family of tough Florida law enforcement officers.

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In This Episode

I had so much fun chatting with author Connie Mann and here are some of the questions we got answered:

  • How did you become an author
  • How she did choose her settings?
  • All about her newest book
  • and so much more!

Books Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Beyond Risk

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2. Beyond Power

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3. Beyond Fear (out November 29, 2022)

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Other Books Mentioned in this episode:

Circle of Vengeance by Ramona Richards

Connect with Author

Connie would love to hear from you! So, here’s how you can keep in touch with her:


FB Page: Connie Mann, Author

Instagram: @captconniemann

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