Ep 39: Author Interview with Kate O’Keeffe

Are you a fan of chick-lit? How about romantic comedies? If yes, you’re definitely going to want to check out this episode!

In episode 39 of the Literary Escapes Podcast, we talk with author Kate O’Keeffe about her many fabulously fun romantic comedy series.

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Meet Kate O’Keeffe

author kate o'keeffe

About Kate O’Keeffe

Kate O’Keeffe is a USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning author who writes exactly what she loves to read: laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with swoon-worthy heroes and gorgeous feel-good happily ever afters.

She lives and loves in beautiful Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand with her family and two scruffy but loveable dogs.

Listen to the Episode 39 Here

In This Episode

I had so much fun chatting with author Kate O’Keeffe and here are some of the questions we’ll get answered:

  • How did you become an author
  • How do you get inspiration for your books
  • Where are your books set
  • and so much more!

Books Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Cozy Cottage Cafe series

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2. Love Manor series

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3. It’s Complicated series

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4. High Tea series

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Connect with Author

Kate O’Keeffe loves to connect with readers! So, here’s how you can keep in touch with her:

Website: https://kateokeeffe.com/

Instagram: @kateokeeffewriter

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