Literary Escapes Podcast interview with author Sue Moorcroft

Ep 84: Author Interview with Sue Moorcroft

Today’s episode is a peek inside my book club with a fun interview with author Sue Moorcroft. Sue shares some behind-the-scenes details about her book development and writing journey as we discuss our book of the month, One Summer in Italy, and several of her other books.

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Meet Sue Moorcroft

author Sue Moorcroft

About Sue

An army kid, Sue was born in Germany and spent much of her childhood in Cyprus and Malta. She arrived in ‘Civvy Street’ in Northamptonshire, England shortly before she was ten. Making friends was much harder than it had been amongst the constantly shifting populace of a barracks so Sue spent much of the next few months in the library and her love of books grew and grew. She topped her class in story writing and her teacher said, ‘One day there will be novels on the shelves with “Sue Moorcroft” on the spine.’

Although she didn’t like him much, she eventually proved him right. Her first short stories to UK magazines were sold in 1996, one to The People’s Friend and then another to My Weekly. My Weekly published first, beginning a writing career that was to span short stories, articles and columns, magazine serials, a writing guide, writing courses and bestselling novels. Along the way, she worked for a bank, a sports newspaper, a typesetter, a joinery company, as a creative writing tutor and a competition judge but nothing gave her the joy and satisfaction of her current job of ‘author’.

Still an avid reader, Sue also loves family and friends, travel, dance and yoga. Though she’s now given up her column for, she’s a mad-keen motorsports fan, particularly Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and W Series. Please don’t talk to her when she’s watching a race.

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In This Episode

We had so much fun chatting with author Sue and here are some of the questions we got answered:

  • How did you become an author?
  • Her many part-time jobs over the years
  • What happened when she bought herself a new chair
  • Her #1 tip for new writers
  • Where she would like to visit and write about someday
  • Maps for her books
  • Kilts!
  • and so much more!

Books Mentioned in this Episode

  • One Summer in Italy

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  • An Italian Island Summer

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  • Summer on a Sunny Island

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  • A White Christmas on Winter Street

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Other Books Mentioned

Connect with the Author

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