Literary Escapes Podcast interview with author Marjan Kamali

Ep 88: Author Interview with Marjan Kamali

Listen in as author Marjan Kamali joins us for a book club meeting!

Marjan takes us on a journey through her international childhood, sharing how her upbringing influenced her writing and the characters in her books. We delve into the heartwarming story of her novel “The Stationery Shop,” exploring themes of grief and healing that resonate with readers worldwide.

Marjan also discusses her creative process and her experiences living in Iran (and several other countries during her childhood). We also get a sneak peek into her upcoming third novel, which is a tale of friendship set against the backdrop of Iran and the US, spanning several decades.

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Meet Marjan Kamali

Author Marjan Kamali

About Marjan

Marjan Kamali is the award-winning author of The Stationery Shop, a national and international bestseller, and Together Tea, a Massachusetts Book Award finalist. She is a 2022 recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship.

Marjan’s novels are published in translation in more than 25 languages. Her essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Literary Hub, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

Marjan holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University, and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from New York University. Born in Turkey to Iranian parents, she spent her childhood in Turkey, Iran, Germany, Kenya, and the U.S.  Marjan is currently a Scholar in Residence at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University and lives in the Boston area with her family.

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In This Episode

We had so much fun chatting with author Marjan and here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Her international childhood
  • Embracing the perspective of feeling like an outsider
  • The first book she read
  • How she started as a writer
  • Grief and healing in books
  • Variety of titles in international publishing
  • Writing by hand
  • The Easter eggs she hides in her books
  • and so much more!

Books Mentioned in this Episode

  • The Stationery Shop

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  • Together Tea

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  • The Lion Women of Tehran

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Other Books Mentioned

Connect with the Author

Marjan would love to hear from you! So, here’s how you can keep in touch with her:


FB Page:



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