Ep 44: Author Interview with Laura Drake

Are you a fan of romance? How about western romances? You’re definitely going to want to check out this episode!

In episode 44 of the Literary Escapes Podcast, we talk with author Laura Drake about her books, her travels, and her book settings.

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Meet Laura Drake

author Laura Drake

About Laura Drake

Laura has always been a storyteller. She began on her front porch, telling ghost stories to the neighborhood kids. They ran screaming, but kept coming back for more.

Her settings are Western, but Laura grew up in the suburbs outside Detroit. Always tomboy, she’s always loved the outdoors and adventure. In 1980 she and her sister packed everything they owned into their Pintos and moved to California, sight unseen. There Laura met her husband, a motorcycling, bleed-maroon Texas Aggie, and her love affair with the West began.

Listen to the Episode 44 Here

In This Episode

I had so much fun chatting with author Laura Drake and here are some of the questions we’ll get answered:

  • How did you become an author
  • Where are your books set
  • All about her newest book
  • and so much more!

Book Mentioned in this Episode

  1. The Sweet Spot by Laura Drake

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2. The Road to Me by Laura Drake

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Connect with Author

Laura D would love to hear from you! So, here’s how you can keep in touch with her:

Website: https://lauradrakebooks.com/

Instagram: @lauradrakebooks

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