2022 Favorite Episodes

Ep 72: Best of 2022

Before we dive into 2023, I thought I’d take an episode to look back on 2022 and share some favorites from the Literary Escape Book Club.

I am going to share our top 3 episodes of the 2022 season. It was a fun year filled with lots of interesting and fun author interviews and books that took us all around the world.

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Ep 72: Top 3 Episodes from 2022

You can listen to Episode 72 here and see what books and authors the Literary Escape Book Club chose as favorites.

2022 Favorite Episodes

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Third Place

Coming in at third place is episode #45, a wonderful interview with author Rachel Hauck. Rachel is a Christian romance author with lots of wonderful books you’ll want to check out.

Second Place

Coming in at second place is episode #42, my interview with debut author Elizabeth Moore Kraus. Liz wrote a book that’s filled with humor, travel, and family. Take a listen to this episode here.

First Place

And, coming in first place is episode #49 – Books Set in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. This episode is laced with books that give a satisfying escape to that beautiful stretch of land in Italy known as the Amalfi Coast. Take a listen and fill up your to-be-read list.

Other Resources You’ll Love

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Ep 32: Best of 2021

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